Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is Coming - BBQ Time!!!

So anyone who knows me will definitely tell you that I am a SPRING girl. I was born in this Spring, love Spring weather, and usually all good things happen to me in the Spring - its just the way it is. But one of my absolute favorite things to do once that thermometer goes above 60 is a BBQ. So I thought I'd just give you a few tips on spicing up your next BBQ on that beautiful Spring day!

1) Never ever forget the Adobo! This is a must have! And its actually always funny to me that alongside all the millions of things a Hispanic host has to remember for a BBQ, they never forget the adobo. Basically sprinkle it on both sides of your burger right before grilling and you will keep coming back for more!

2) Sangria is a must! I've posted a great recipe for Sangria on this blog that you should definitely check out. It's just a great drink for everyone to relax a little and still cool down.
NOTE: If you have kids coming to the BBQ, still make the sangria, but without any liquor. Use lots of free fruit that the kids will LOVE eating right out of the bowl!

3) LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! There is absolutely nothing worse than getting ready to have a great BBQ in the city, and realizing that there's nowhere to set it up. Yes, there are some parks that are great, but they get so crowded so fast that its nearly impossible to snag a grill or a table. So take my advice: grab whichever of your friends has a car and head up to Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. It's only about an hour from the city and is totally worth it! If you get there early enough, there are plenty of tables to go around, and the seclusion is fantastic for all kinds of parties!

4) And last but not least - make it a FEAST! Don't be afraid to bring foods that aren't traditionally at a BBQ (rice and beans, anyone?). Your hosts or your guests will love the fact that there are so many options besides whats on the grill.

I LOVE THE SPRING! I hope that you all do too!

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