Monday, February 16, 2009

Too Tired to Cook Today?

So we are young women - full of energy and life every single day, right?


There are days when the last thing I want to do is go into the kitchen and turn on that stove. So, let me tell you what you do. Have you ever heard of a Cuchifrito? Let me tell you - it will be such a lifesaver!

To put it simply, a Cuchifrito is a restaurant or diner that sells Puerto Rican cuisine. Usually, no one goes in to eat the food in the store, but instead to carry it out to their families and homes.

Now, I know that I've personally seen an abundance of Cuchifritos all over New York City and especially the South Bronx. But I have also spotted them in Chicago and Boston. So I'm venturing to say that you'd be able to find them in any major city, or anywhere you can find a large Hispanic population.

Cuchifritos sell almost anything that you can think of! And if they don't have it on the menu, they'd probably make it for you if you asked in advance. And PLEASE, do not be afraid of going inside if you don't speak Spanish. Even though, i'm Puerto Rican, I don't speak Spanish and I was always so afraid of saying something wrong, or coming out with something strange-looking! But once I went in for the first time, and realized that either they understood English (or I could just point :) ), it only became easier and easier.

And on an even better note: Cuchifrito food is better for you than most other take-out places, and it's A LOT cheaper. So, Google Cuchifrito or Spanish Cuisine Restaurant and find one near you.


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